Marketing Passport Training

Web Design

Marketing Passport Training was a pilot program within SideMark to promote understanding and communication between the departments within the organization. My manager Karen Huang started the program with the Marketing department first to test it out and show other departments how we as marketing fit into the overall project process within the company.

The program was a guided experience that's suppose to be fun and engaging. The marketing team would take the trainee through different sections starting with an introduction of the marketing department. Trevor Brewster created a witty video which showed the day in the life of the marketing department. When we reach the end of some categories, there would be challenges for the trainee to take on. Jennifer Herald created these challenges from concept to finish, like the jeopardy game, acting out a senario, and the homework cards. My role was to build out the program using Webflow and come up with the look and feel. My knowledge of HTML and CSS helped since there was a learning curve for the CMS.

After understanding the criteria and the outline for the training program, I came up with initial sketches on the look and feel and the layout. I wanted to do something around travel and location since it's called "Marketing Passport Training". Design Seeds & Adobe Color CC was used to figure out the colors for each category. Dribbble was a source of inspiration when it came to the illustrations.

After the initial sketches, I've used Adobe Illustrator to create the hero images for each different category. Since the thumbnails on the homepage are smaller than the hero images, I've created alternate versions for it. After finalizing the color palettes, I applied the colors to each hero images and create a standard for it.